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Shale Gas Layflat Hose


• Tube & Cover:  Thermoplastic polyurethaneTPU

• Reinforcement:  High tenacity polyester filament, circular weaving.

• The special extrusion “through the weave” process gives a very strong bonding between cover and    lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester.



• Easy cleaning and no drying required.

• Designed for Long service life. Tough and durable with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting    for use on a wide variety of environment conditions.

• Protected against mechanical damages.

• Very low elongation (compared with vulcanized process) under pressure, prevents hose from “snaking”.

• High resistant to heat, fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis, and microbiological attack.



Construction, Mining, Marine, Transfer Chemicals, Frac Water Services, Oil & Gas (with electro-conductive fiber), Potable Water, Waste Water or transfer over highly abrasive ground.             

Temperature: -50 to +80  Color: can be customized  Length: up to 200m/660feet

Product Description