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Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel discovered the essential principles of heredity through experiments with pea plants, long before the invention of polymer and genes. monastic was AN friar monk at St Thomas’s Abbey close to Brünn (now Brunn, within the Czech Republic). He studied natural sciences and arithmetic at the University of Vienna, Austria, however double did not acquire a teacher's certificate, instead changing into a part-time assistant teacher and winding up analysis in plant breeding. His most notable experiments were done between 1857 and 1864, throughout which period he grew some ten,000 pea plants. Pea plants area unit hermaphroditic, that means they need each male and feminine sex cells and frequently fertilise themselves. monastic was able to cross-breed the plants by transferring spore with a brush. He meticulously recorded a variety of characteristics for every plant, together with its height, pod shape, pea form and pea color. once plants autogamous , these characteristics remained consistent within the offspring. At the time, it absolutely was wide believed that heredity worked by mixing the characteristics of fogeys, manufacturing offspring that were in how diluted. monastic showed that once 2 types of purebred plants cross-breed, the offspring resembled one or alternative of the fogeys,…

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