The game of timelessness

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The game of timelessness
When the universe was very small, there were absolutely a lot of children, he did not understand what time is.
There was no time then.

Why didn’t any time exist then?
Why did the universe have no idea about time then?
Why don’t you understand what time it is?

The answer is hidden in these two equations E = hy and E = mc ^ 2.
Some time after the birth of the universe, the surroundings were filled only with light energy / radiation or photons.
E on the right side of the equation is indicating energy. Planck’s constant h is to the right of the first equation and the speed of light c constant is to the right of the second equation.
Their left side indicates the same force, E.
So from the equations, the frequency y <=> mass m
That means when there is no mass in the universe, there is no frequency, it means there is no time.
When mass or matter is generated from energy, time is born within the universe, the mysterious entity referred to as real time breathi

Billions upon billions upon billions of years from now …. Everything in the universe will move billions of light years away (if the universe continues to expand).
All the stars will die.
Black holes will also disappear through Hawkings radiation.
Protons will also break down.
The universe will then be reduced to an infinite void, with only a variety of radiation / light or photon particles scattered inside.
In this situation again the universe will forget the key thing of the time.
Because, then all the mass or matter in the universe has been transformed into radiation.
No more mass or matter remains.
Having no mass or matter means no time at all.
It’s like the beginning again, the universe will forget the time again.

That is, in terms of the existence of time, the beginning and the end of the universe are one and the same, No time.

In the middle just a huge yajna is arranged.

Roger Penrose, a Nobel laureate in physics, said this in an interview.


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