We are in a dilemma as to what the shape of this infinite universe is. One group says that it is a flat shape and another group says that it is spherical. Crores? This universe of ours means that the Big Bang started in a reversal of 1.36 billion years. Now we can capture this range as much as we can in the race that has given light since that time. That is, the outer part of it is another world. So the possibility of such a ‘Hari after Hari, Hari sits there’ is very strong.
Why does the parallel universe come with it? Because very simple, whatever we have in this universe means matter, such as planetary star or you I, goat or yea are all combinations of certain objects and created in the same pattern. There are no unknown objects. Feeling weird? Pretty simple? This one ounce of gold or any iron of the same weight is just the side of the atomic structure. Now if the main material of that structure is the same, then there is a certain number of things that you can make. Then the same thing will continue to be made again. And this is the main fun! That means at one stage you are in another world, the same earth, the same sun and the same you are. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to you, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me
The theory of this bubble-shaped universe
Another creation theory is the idea of ​​infinite expansion or eternal inflation so that expansion in the form of innumerable bubbles is a part of this universe. It was first conceived by Alexander Valenkin. He said the bubble was expanding in some parts of the universe and had stopped in some parts. Remember that this bubble could only be a known universe of 13.6 billion! That is, the next part of it is one more, and after this one bubble may have another form of the basic theory of physics, so that its function may be quite different from that of our familiar world. As a result, it will be completely different and beyond our comprehension.
The theory of parallel universes was started by Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turk at Princeton University. According to these theoretical physicists, there is a possibility that there are different levels of the universe at different levels. Difficulty with dimensions? Nothing, that mustache old man means Maharishi Einstein’s game of space-time, meaning you are in a world of three dimensions so that time moves forward. The next level means time where there is no one level, etc., different worlds in this way. A slightly more refined part of this theory says that these worlds are arranged in layers like bread means sandwiches. The Big Bang can happen again only if they are in a state of conflict and it can happen in a series or for a period of time.
Infinite is the position of all universes
In the theory of quantum mechanics, the form you get on the atom and the object of its formation does not mean that the result will be the same as in our gross universe. It says a lot of possibilities. There is no certainty that you will get the same result as this theory. So the theory of possibility recognizes the creation of the next eternal universe in the same way as the Big Bang. The funny thing is that in each of these parallel universes you may have replicas that are doing different things in their position.
Parallel universes in mathematical theory:
It’s a little patchy. This means that a large part of the scientists and sages say that the world you see is a form, the real thing is mathematics. Basic Presence All that exists is mathematics so this form that I have revealed to you is all a mathematical form. So this mathematical form may be different and it is more likely to be. Simply put, you have a mathematical sum of a certain amount that alternates with another metaphor, but this form is out of reach. The result? That Lalon’s song, “She and Lalon have a million yojana gap between Roy together”
Finished and not finished:
At one point in their space observations, NASA found an astonishing void in one corner of the universe, so that no galaxy means galaxies, etc. You will not find any object, you will find cosmic small wave means cosmic microwave context means CMB (cosmic microwave background) that is exactly what is being found in this part. Relevant pictures and I gave it to the reader. So Rahu Dhairjang! How much of that is coming to mind the mind hu hu. Aha life is so small cane!
Some additions to the theory’s crunch:
This parallel universe or all the related scientific sources or theories inevitably come up with some unscientific or miraculous stories. You will find a lot of such theories on YouTube or the internet mixed with the sweetness of the mind. Everything that has come up is a product of fairy tales or people’s fertile imagination. It has become a business by awakening a lot of movies or places of interest to people. So if you see or hear any such story, don’t think it is true beforehand!

You will find all the great presentations on this Sikar named YouTube address, its a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdSjQQ5DSWg

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