Bangladesh Is 184th In The World In Terms Of Internet Speed And China Is 200th

Bangladesh is 184th in the world in terms of internet speed and China is 200th

Bangladesh ranks third in the list of the slowest broadband internet in South Asia. Bangladesh ranks 164th out of 221 countries in the world in terms of internet speed. The average internet speed in Bangladesh on broadband is 3.2 megabytes per second or 3.2 Mbps.

This information came up in a recent report by M Lab run by Google and several US universities. From July last year to June this year, M Lab conducted a survey on the speed of broadband internet in 221 countries.

In this survey, the internet speed of 50,000 unique IP addresses of Bangladesh was reviewed four lakh 6 thousand times. It has an average speed of 3.2 Mbps. This speed is higher than the average speed in China. The country’s broadband speed at the tech giant is 2.1 Mbps. China’s position in the list is 200.
According to the survey report, the average broadband internet speed in Bangladesh is about 6.2 times slower than the average internet speed in Asia. At the same time it is 7.6 times slower than the whole world.

The fastest broadband internet in the world has been found in a small country called Liechtenstein. The average internet speed in the country is 230 Mbps. With this speed, it will take less than 3 minutes to download a file of 5 GB.

The rest of the top five countries are Jersey, Andorra, Gibraltar and Luxembourg, respectively. In these countries, it takes 3 to 6 minutes to download a file of 5 GB. South Sudan, on the other hand, tops the list. The average download speed of the country is only 0.6 Mbps.


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