Read more about the article facebook logout? Try to solve
facebook logout? Try to solve

facebook logout? Try to solve

facebook logout? Try to solve facebook logout? Try to solve facebook logout Is your Facebook account suddenly getting logged out? Facebook account can be automatically logged out due to several reasons. In this post, you will know what to do if your Facebook account is automatically signed out. Confirm a few things firstIf the Facebook account logout problem occurs, it is important to confirm some things first. Then it is better to move towards solving this problem. If Facebook is suddenly logged out, please confirm the following first: Check if the Facebook profile is open in another browser at the same timeTurn off any VPN if you have oneUpdate Facebook app from…

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YouTube shorts

Ways to earn from YouTube shorts

Ways to earn from YouTube shorts YouTube shorts Thanks to TikTok, short videos are now very popular. Taking this issue seriously, YouTube launched the shorts feature. Shorts have already become a popular YouTube feature. Just as you can earn money from YouTube by uploading regular videos, there are ways to earn money from short videos on YouTube as well. Monetizing YouTube shorts is a little different than YouTube's main monetization feature. Let's know what YouTube shorts are, how to make YouTube shorts and how to earn from YouTube shorts. What are YouTube shorts?YouTube Shorts is a collection of vertical format videos of 60 seconds or less. Basically, YouTube added this feature to…

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Facebook reels

How to Hide Facebook Reels

How to Hide Facebook Reels Don't want to see reels in your Facebook feed? Currently there is no way to stop all these reels, but you can reduce the number of reels. facebook reels Let's learn how to hide reels and block others' reels Rules to Hide Facebook ReelsThere is still no way to permanently hide or remove reels from Facebook feed. But if you don't want to watch these short videos, you can arrange to watch less reels and block watching reels posted by different pages. If you want to see less reels in Facebook feed, you need to enter Facebook from mobile or desktop. Then scroll down until you find…

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Steve Jobs shoes cost $200,000

Steve Jobs shoes cost $200,000 Steve Jobs Well, somebody simply spent quite $200,000 on a combine of previous Birkenstock sandals owned and worn by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs — setting a record for the very best value ever procured a combine of sandals at auction, in line with the house. This weekend, the technical school pioneer’s brown suede Arizona sandals, that were expected to create $60,000, sold-out for Associate in Nursing astonishing $218,750 after they went beneath the hammer at Julien’s Auctions, in the course of Associate in Nursing NFT.Prior to the sale, the Californian firm same the sandals, delineated as “well used” however still “intact,” were a wardrobe staple for Jobs within the Nineteen Seventies and ’80s. Jobs died in 2011 from complications from carcinoma.“The cork and jute footbed retains the imprint of Steve Jobs’ feet, that had been formed once years of use,” the firm same on its web site.The Birkenstocks were saved from the trash by Mark Sheff, a former house manager to Steve Jobs, throughout one…

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CV writing rules

CV Writing CV is required to apply for a job. But many of us do not know how to make a CV. Let's take a look at all the details about CV, from CV work to CV writing rules. What is a CV - What is a CVThe full form of CV is Curriculum Vitae which is a Latin phrase. Its Bengali meaning is the chronology of life. CV is a collection of all the information of professional and educational life. The difference between CV and Resume - CV vs ResumeGenerally speaking, CV and resume are very similar. Since both the CV and the Resume refer to a person's educational qualifications, occupation,…

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What is IELTS? Does ILTS work?

IELTS We often hear about "IELTS". But many aspirants have no clear idea about IELTS. In this post you will find out more about what IELTS is, what are the benefits of IELTS, etc. What is IELTS?The International English Language Testing System, abbreviated as ILTS, is one of the most popular English language proficiency tests in the world. The test was designed to assess what kind of practical skills a person has in English. The results of this test are evaluated on the basis of reading, writing, listening, speaking. This IELTS test is a measure of how well a non-English speaker can adapt in places where most people speak English. This test…

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make money from YouTube

make money from YouTube The popularity of YouTube is growing in tandem with the popularity of video content. The issue of making money from YouTube is not unknown at present. However, there are several ways to earn money from YouTube. Let's find out how to make money from youtube or how to make money from youtube. How To Make Money From YouTubeMany people think that the only way to earn money from YouTube is through Adsense monetization. However, this idea is completely wrong. There are multiple ways to earn money from YouTube. E.g. YouTube Partner ProgramProduct salesVideo editing serviceProduct Review and Affiliate MarketingOnline courseSponsored ContentDonation Proceeds from the YouTube Partner ProgramJoining the…

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Mistakes to make money on YouTube should be avoided

make money on youtube make money on youtube There is no doubt about the success of YouTube, a website rich in 1.8 billion monthly visitors. However, it is a challenge for a new YouTuber to take place in the crowd of its numerous videos. Especially if you want to make income from YouTube, then there is no point! In this post you will learn about some of the wrong decisions about YouTube that can have a negative impact on your views and revenue. Not enough videos uploadedThe mistake that most new YouTubers make is not having enough content on their channel. Try to have at least three video channels at the beginning…

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What is Siri? How to use Siri on iPhone?

What is Siri? How to use Siri on iPhone? Android phones have Google Assistant, just like Apple devices have Virtual Assistant, Siri's. Siri can be used on almost all Apple devices. Let's find out in detail about how Siri works and how to use Siri. What is Siri? - What is Siri?Siri is a virtual assistant system. Siri is seen on Apple's devices. Apple was the first to add Siri to the iPhone 4S phone. Since then, every iPhone has the Siri feature. In addition to iPhone's iOS, Siri can be used on iPad's iPadOS, Mac's MacOS and Apple TV's TVOS, among others. Using Siri, various tasks can be accomplished through voice…

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Facebook’s new feature Photo Magic will find photo friends

facebook's new feature Another new day, another new feature on Facebook. That's the way it is. The world's largest social networking site is often testing new features. A new facial recognition feature called Photo Magic was added to this list yesterday. Photo magic will do a lot more work, including detecting the faces of the people in the picture. According to The Verge, after launching the updated Facebook Messenger app, it will ask for access to view the pictures taken on the camera of your smartphone. If you give permission, the app will detect the appearance of your Facebook friends in the photos on the mobile. After that, if you want, you…

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