Mistakes to make money on YouTube should be avoided

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make money on youtube

make money on youtube
make money on youtube

There is no doubt about the success of YouTube, a website rich in 1.8 billion monthly visitors. However, it is a challenge for a new YouTuber to take place in the crowd of its numerous videos. Especially if you want to make income from YouTube, then there is no point! In this post you will learn about some of the wrong decisions about YouTube that can have a negative impact on your views and revenue.

Not enough videos uploaded
The mistake that most new YouTubers make is not having enough content on their channel. Try to have at least three video channels at the beginning of the journey on YouTube, it has many advantages. Suppose you first uploaded a video to your channel and someone liked watching that video. Now naturally that person will enter your channel and want to see your other content which we almost all do.

In such a situation, it is normal for a viewer to get frustrated if there is not enough content to enter the channel. Even the lack of content can potentially lose new subscribers. So instead of starting a YouTube channel from scratch, first create some content and then upload the videos to the channel together.

Bad audio
There is a saying “Sound is Half the Experience” which means it is equally important to watch any subject as well as listen well. The video quality of the content uploaded on YouTube as well as the audio quality is very important. But many new YouTubers don’t pay much attention to audio, which is a completely wrong move. So it is very important to pay attention to the video as well as the audio so that it is of good quality.

Asked not to subscribe
Ask the viewers not to subscribe or comment in the video but it is a mistake. The viewers of the video are but ordinary viewers, so it is the responsibility of a YouTuber to subscribe to the channel or to like or comment on the video. So be sure to ask viewers to subscribe, like and comment on each video.

Which will be uploaded
It is true that if you open a YouTube channel and upload more, you will get more views. But it is not right to upload whatever you want to a channel. The channel should have certain categories based on which the videos of the channel will be created. Suppose you are uploading a gaming video today and a cooking tutorial tomorrow. Now the viewers of the two types of videos are different, so for the subscribers of the channel the matter becomes a lot like a mess.

So it is better to focus on the content of the channel. For example, a documentary video can be posted on a news channel. Again, lifestyle content can be posted on a cooking channel. Thus it is very important to maintain the balance between the content.

Not to be shared on social media
If you post a video on YouTube and expect thousands of views, but it will not work. After posting a video on YouTube, share it on your social media account. Sharing in this way gives you a very quick view within a short time of uploading the video. This type of strategy can be quite effective for YouTube algorithms and search engines. So maintain your presence and share videos on other social media platforms besides YouTube.

Uploaded randomly
It is very important to stay focused on any task. YouTube is no exception. Your subscribers look forward to your future content, so it is your responsibility to create regular quality content for them. With regular practice of uploading videos on YouTube, your content library will grow and your chances of success will increase in a very short time.

Don’t get lost for the next couple of months by uploading a content. Try to post content regularly. Regular video uploads are a must to keep viewers in the loop.


Mistakes that should be avoided to make money on YouTube
Copying someone else’s content
YouTube is very conscious about copyright. So if you copy and upload other people’s content, you may face a copyright strike. This can cause permanent damage to your channel. So never make the mistake of using someone else’s content illegally.

Sub for sub or subscribe for subscribe, the topic is often seen being discussed in various forums. After opening a new channel without seeing the expected improvement, many people work with other channels to subscribe in exchange for views, views for views, likes for likes, comments for comments, buying views, increasing the views of their own videos to increase the count, etc. Doing so is a mistake and can be harmful to the channel. You can’t go on doing this kind of work for long. At the end of the day, original, good and unique content is of utmost importance.

So don’t do this even if the channel has less subscribers or no engagement. Try to increase the subscribers of your channel organically which will create your fans who will watch all your videos. Also sub for sub, spam view but these are against the guideline of youtube. Even doing so could result in a policy violation notice on the channel.

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