What is ict?

What is ICT?

Brief History:Computer-based information technology has now established its seat as a supporting force in all spheres of social life. In the 1980’s, academic researchers introduced ICT to technologyStarted using the word. In a 1997 report to the UK government, Stevenson referred to the term ICT, which was added to the new UK national textbook in 2000, three years later.
What is ICT?
ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. ICT consists of two technologies of information and communication.Now what do we mean by information technology and communication technology?

Information technology (Information Technology or It) is the technology through which information is quickly retrieved, stored, modernized, managed and distributed as needed is called information technology.And Communication Technology is the communication system that has developed all over the world depending on the computer and all this information is transferred from one place to another from one or more computers to the same device or another.The technology used to communicate between devices is called communication technology.

In other words, information technology and communication means that a user can easily receive, store, transmit and analyze information through a system consisting of telecommunication, computer network and related enterprise software, middleware data storage, audio-video system, etc.
Contribution or advantage of information and communication technology
1. The use of information technology is increasing the speed of data transfer.2. The pace of work is increasing.3. More data transfer is possible in less time, resulting in lower costs.4. Waste of time and work is being reduced.

5. Rapid changes in information technology have led to a shift in consumer and product integration.. With the advancement of information technology, students are able to take part in online classes at home.. With the advancement of information technology, online shopping is getting the benefit of sitting at home.. The wastage of human energy is decreasing.9. Being able to easily collect and distribute information.10. People’s skills are increasing.11. Elements of information and communication technology

The basic elements that are currently being used in information technology are-Computer and network systems, Internet, computing, microwave, satellite, television, modern telecommunications, audio video, radio, telex, fax etc.
The current world is useless without information and communication technology. As far as I know, there is no field in the world where information and communication technology does not contribute. So we all need to have a very good idea about information and communication technology and know about the proper use of information and communication technology in daily life

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