What is information and communication technology? Its advantages and disadvantages and importance

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What is information and communication technology and what is the importance and advantages and disadvantages of information and communication technology? We are going to discuss everything in detail through today’s article. (What is Information and communication technology

What is information and communication technology
What is information and communication technology?

In today’s digital world our world is almost useless without internet and smartphones.

And, the whole internet world depends on the exchange of information.

When this information, with the help of any special technology or technology, allows people around the world to communicate by communicating without any hindrance or time constraint; That’s when the whole world became entangled in an invisible web of information and communication technology.

In our article today we will discuss what information and communication technology is, its importance, advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s first find out, what is this information and communication technology?

ICT, or information and communication technology (or technology) as a kind of infrastructure, can be considered as its component – the modern computing system.

It is this system that enables the modern communication system.

However, there is no definite definition of information and communication technology.

However, the term generally refers to networking elements, all devices, applications and systems.

By combining all of these elements, individuals or organizations (such as nonprofits, businesses, governments and criminal organizations, etc.) communicate with each other in the digital world (virtual world).

What is information and communication technology?
Simply put, ICT or information and communication technology is the sum of all such technologies; Which facilitates communication between people.

That is, information and communication technology (ICT) is that kind of technology; The technology that uses communication processes such as broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, telecommunications, audiovisual processing, transmission systems, network-based controls and monitoring functions, manages the entire current communication system.

However, this information and communication technology or ICT is an extended synonym of information technology or IT.

Thus, it can be said that the scope of this information and communication technology is much wider.

And, this ICT technology can often be described as a combination of different technologies.

Typically, this refers to the management of the communication system structure and the integration of the whole information technology using the same transmission medium.

Hopefully, you have come to understand what information and communication technology means.

Advantages and disadvantages of information and communication technology:
While the wide range of these technologies makes human life much easier and faster, this technology has many advantages as well as many disadvantages.

Information and technology benefits:
Let us know, then, about the advantages of this technology –

  1. Improves communication:
    Information and communication technology has now expanded the scope of new communication methods.

Through which you can instantly and cheaply communicate with any person or organization in any part of the world.

Whether it’s texting, instant messaging or technology like video conferencing, you can use it to connect with people around the world at any time at a very low cost.

With the help of this technology, people can easily communicate with each other through text-based computer communication without any direct social communication.

  1. Globalization:
    Before ICT, various individuals and organizations had to go to those places to spend a lot of money for video conferencing at home and abroad.

However, with the widespread use of this technology, video conferencing has become much simpler and more affordable.

Not only has this ICT brought countries and peoples closer together, but this technology has transformed the world economy into an independent interdependent system; So that the road to business or personal communication becomes wider.

  1. Effectively reduces communication costs:
    One of the major advantages of information and communication technology is that it is an extremely affordable means of communication.

Any telephone calling, messaging is very expensive and time consuming.

Internet media, on the other hand, is much cheaper and is able to maintain communication over much longer distances.

And, as an advanced means of communication, this technology helps to increase the productivity and income of people and organizations.

Also, the use of information and communication technology enables businesses to use low-cost communication systems without compromising on price or quality.

  1. All-round communication availability:
    It is normal for a phone call to end after a certain period of time.

However, when you send a message via email or social media using the Internet and ICT, it is automatically available to others 24 hours a day, or any day of the week.

As a result, this technology has made any means of communication much more accessible.

  1. Filling the cultural gap:
    Since, the use of this technology

Has brought the whole world into our hands; This is why we are able to communicate virtually with people of different races, religions, languages ​​and cultures.

As a result, we are able to bridge the cultural gap between people of different cultures.

With the help of this ICT it is possible to exchange views and ideas between people of different cultures.

Due to which the awareness in the minds of the people is increasing and the level of superstition is also decreasing a lot.

. IT encourages strategic thinking:
Good communication, however, helps to increase critical thinking.

As a result, employees of the organization can exchange information in a very short time.

With no worries about communication, employees are able to use better strategies to improve their work.

So, one of the advantages of data communication is that it helps us to plan more efficiently.

This technology encourages our knowledge sharing and strategic thinking

ICT helps any organization to improve.

For example, companies are able to exchange information using subscription databases and social networks.

Which has given these organizations easier access to consumers and customers.

As a result, these companies have helped to provide better and more innovative products.

. Creates new job opportunities:
The biggest advantage of ICT is that it can create new and attractive job opportunities.

This advanced technology not only makes the job easier but also increases the job opportunities of the people.

. Extensive field of education:
Massive advances in information and communication technology have paved the way for the Internet.

Currently, these ICTs give everyone access to a huge database.

As a result, students can continue to study the subject of their choice, using textbooks as well as the Internet.

Moreover, today’s e-learning apps and various educational websites have transformed the world of reading into a much more realistic and best place to acquire knowledge.

Images obtained on the Internet through ICT can be easily used for teaching and improving students’ memory.

Using this type of technology, teachers can easily explain complex structures and instructions to students.

With the help of this students can easily understand the subjects of study.

It is also possible to make learning more enjoyable by creating interactive classrooms using ICT.

Information and technology disadvantages:
In addition to the advantages, there are several disadvantages to this modern technology.

This time, let us know about its disadvantages-

  1. Barriers to education:
    It is not always possible for people of all financial backgrounds to use this technology.

Because of this, many people are not able to continue their studies in the field of education using the internet freely.

Moreover, in virtual studies of internet medium, it is seen that students become inattentive.

Therefore, it can be said that this technology is not always effective in the field of education.

  1. Lack of job security:
    At present most of the organizations are considering information and communication technology as their main employees.

And, experts in various fields believe that ICT poses a lot of problems to people’s job security.

As such, technology continues to evolve day by day; So people have to study this technology all the time or at least keep pace with the change in their profession.

If they do not update themselves over time, their job security may be compromised.

  1. Invasion of culture:
    ICT has made the world a global village, that’s right.

However, in most cases a large culture can be dangerous to smaller cultures.

Therefore, in this case, the over-expansion of ICT can cause one culture to swallow another weak culture.

For example, it can be said that the culture of the western countries continues to have a profound effect on the culture of the eastern countries.

  1. Privacy vulnerabilities:
    Since, information and communication technology has opened the way for a huge database; So the security of information here is very weak.

However, this technology has made communication faster, easier and more convenient; However, there are various problems in the privacy of human information

Whether it is phone signal interception or e-mail hacking, people’s personal information falls into the category of privacy.

  1. Technology reliance:
    Since, technology is being used extensively to make life easier; That is why people are using calculators instead of notebooks and pens to make even small numbers.

Or, they are using this technology for various everyday activities, such as online shopping, online grocery shopping and so on.

Which is making people increasingly inactive and dependent on technology.

In fact, socialization among people is declining.

. Lack of reliability of information:
Anyone can upload data using a computer and internet connection.

So, having something through the internet means that it will always be reliable, but it is not

For example, while open source encyclopedias (such as Wikipedia) are considered good sources of information, they are not regarded as trusted references by academic institutions.

Also, all kinds of harmful computer viruses, Trojans, malware, spam, worms, phishing – all of these can disrupt people’s daily lives and make life miserable.

. Lack of experience:
Not all people in the world know how to use this technology in tandem.

Therefore, many people who lack experience in using this ICT tool cannot use this technology properly.

Again, setting up devices with this type of technology can be a hassle at times.

Importance of Information and Communication Technology:
Information and communication technology encompasses all technologies and services related to computing, data management, telecommunications and the Internet.

The use of this set of technologies has permeated all aspects of human life.

Therefore, this technology provides a variety of good, advanced and fast ways for people to communicate easily, seek help, access information and learn.

The widespread use of this technology around the world also has a huge economic significance.

The combination of information technology with communication systems has accelerated the spread of ICT.

In recent years, the integration of different technologies, the number of options for communication and communication between people and organizations has been steadily increasing.

In a variety of retail and other customer-oriented environments, information and communication technology infrastructure has transformed commercial enterprises online.

As a result, e-commerce is now becoming a major source of shopping for people.

ICT has become a very useful support system in the industrial world.

With the help of this technology, perfect engineering through the use of computer-based precision engineering, virtualized systems and computer simulations has made all the industrial worlds quite advanced and fast.

As a result, production has become much more powerful, efficient and efficient.

This ICT has made significant progress not only in manufacturing but also in the healthcare sector.

As such, there are many applications that have made medical services more accessible to the public by combining technology with patient care, medical costs, medical profession, public health and life sciences.

That is to say, the importance of information and communication technology as a whole has greatly improved the quality of human life as a whole.

Our last word,
This is the end of our article on information and communication technology today.

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