Ways to make money from Facebook

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Ways to make money from Facebook

Almost everyone uses Facebook. But it is possible to make money from Facebook – did you know this information? Yes, there are several ways to earn money from Facebook. In this article we will learn about 11 effective ways to earn money from Facebook. Let’s see how to make money on Facebook.

It is possible to earn money from Facebook accounts, pages, and even Facebook groups. There are also many other ways to earn money from Facebook. Let’s find out in detail about the ways to earn money from Facebook.

Ways to make money from Facebook page
There are multiple proven methods of earning from Facebook pages. In order to earn money from Facebook page, first of all you need a tidy and popular page. First of all, find out the rules for opening a Facebook page. By popular here we mean a page that has enough likes, content and active followers on certain topics.

I know the useful features of earning money from Facebook page, now let’s know how or this Facebook page can be your source of income.

If you have made a video then good news for you. Like YouTube, Facebook also makes money through video. If your page receives Facebook monetization, your video will show ads. Facebook will pay you to show this ad.

It’s much easier to get video views on Facebook than on YouTube. Also, increasing the likes of Facebook page is not an issue. So if you create regular video content, you can post the same content on both YouTube and Facebook platforms.

In order to get monetization on Facebook page, Facebook authorities have set some conditions. You need to have at least 10 thousand likes on your page to get Facebook page monetization. 10 thousand likes as well as at least 6 lakh views in the last 60 days. It is also mandatory to have at least 5 videos on the page.

Ways to make money from Facebook
Also, if the length of your content is three minutes or more, then it is convenient to show ads. That’s why Facebook authorities are keen on uploading videos of three minutes or more in length.

How To Make Money On Facebook – Marketplace
Facebook is currently playing the role of many types of websites alone. For example, Facebook can now be called a self-contained online marketplace. As Facebook is a very simple and effective means of promotion, even small businesses can be run with great profit through Facebook.

While there are many ways to earn money through online marketplaces, it is only a matter of time before you can use Facebook’s e-commerce features to get a little more publicity and build a successful business. If your product is good and earns buyer credibility, Facebook Marketplace may be the trump card for your business growth. This is also a way to make money from Facebook.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is now a hot topic of online income. Many are turning to affiliate marketing as they have the potential to earn a significant amount of money with less effort. Facebook affiliate marketing is also a potential field.

For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, here are a few things to keep in mind. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you are the buyer and the seller. If a buyer purchases a product on your recommendation, you will receive a commission since you have motivated the buyer to purchase the product.

People regularly buy products from online shops like Amazon, Daraj or Bidshop. Now if a buyer buys a product using your referral link, then a certain part of the price of the product will be your income. The more sales you get from your referral link, the more you can earn.

Ways to make money from Facebook group
The popularity of Facebook groups is increasing day by day. You can also earn money by using this popularity of Facebook group. In case of income from Facebook group, you will need a Facebook group where there are regular posts and good engagement.

First you can earn money by showing ads on your Facebook group for money, which is now a common thing. You can also earn money by using Facebook group to sell your products.

Marketing Management
Various individuals and organizations run marketing campaigns on Facebook. This marketing campaign requires a qualified marketing manager. If you have a good knowledge about Facebook marketing, you can take the job of marketing campaigns of different pages, from which good income is possible.

Instant Article
If you have a blog or news website, then Facebook has given you the opportunity to earn money by monetizing your blog post or news with Facebook instant article. If Google Search Rankings and Google Adsense are not able to provide revenue to your website, then you can earn money from your blog or news site through Facebook Instant Articles.

Like Comment Share
Almost everyone has heard of making money by liking, commenting or sharing on Facebook posts. In fact, it is possible to earn through likes, shares or comments on Facebook. These small jobs are called microwork or microjob. Like microworkers, picoworkers

You can earn money by doing likes, comments or shares on Facebook. However, in any case, these actions may be a violation of Facebook’s policy, which may put your Facebook account at risk.

Are you a freelancer? However, you can get work by highlighting your work in different groups on Facebook. Let me give you an example. There is a Facebook group called Video Editors Bangladesh where people from different parts of the country post their best edited videos.

From these posts, many people hire for video editing in various jobs. Also, if necessary, many people post in this group in search of a video editor. Facebook has groups for every current topic. There should be no shortage of groups that will evaluate your work.

Link shortener
There are various resource based groups on Facebook. Find the solution to what people are looking for in these groups through Link Shortener website and earn money easily from Facebook. Suppose someone posts a video clip or a link to an app to a group.

If you have that video or app, then you provided the app through a link shortener. In this case, the person and the benefit and you can also earn income from the link shortener website. You can use various tools like Adfly or Ouo.io as link shortener.

Account or page management
Even though many people have a lot of followers on their Facebook pages or accounts, they do not get time to run these. In that case they hire people to manage the account or page. You can also earn money from Facebook by doing other people’s Facebook account or page management work.

Sales of Facebook accounts, pages and groups
As mentioned at the outset, selling a Facebook account, page or group may be a violation of Facebook’s policy, which can be risky for your account. Opening a Facebook account, page or group may be easy. But the task of raising them is the most difficult. Many people buy these IDs because the security of the old Facebook account is relatively high. Again, many people buy Facebook pages and groups for likes and members.

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