John Dalton

John Dalton Although a teacher, a specialiser, and an professional on congenital defect, physicist is best known for his pioneering theory of atomism. He additionally developed strategies to calculate atomic weights and structures and developed the law of partial pressures. Early Life Dalton (1766–1844) was born into a modest Quaker family in Cumberland, England, and for many of his life—beginning in his village college at the age of 12—earned his living as a tutor and public lecturer. when teaching for ten years at a Quaker private school in dye, he emotional on to a teaching position within the burgeoning town of Manchester. There he joined the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, that provided him with an interesting intellectual atmosphere and laboratory facilities. the primary paper he delivered before the society was on colour blindness, that afflicted him and is typically still known as green-blindness. Theories of Atomism and therefore the Law of Partial Pressures Dalton found out his read of atomism by approach of meteorology, within which he was…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

The Internet means a global computer network. It consists of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols .The importance of internet is huge. It provides us with a variety of information and communication facilities. We can communicate with the people of other parts of the world. Besides, social networking, information collection, job application, reading newspapers or books, online education and so on can be done with the help of internet. Even we can shop online. However, it has some demerits too. Ten Lines on Disadvantages of net Set 1 1) Hacking is that the most typical disadvantage of the net. 2) Personal info in social media is extremely a lot of susceptible to hackers. 3) Virus threats on the net will harm your knowledge and data. 4) an excessive amount of addiction…

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