Facebook’s new feature Photo Magic will find photo friends

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facebook’s new feature

Facebook's new feature

Another new day, another new feature on Facebook. That’s the way it is. The world’s largest social networking site is often testing new features. A new facial recognition feature called Photo Magic was added to this list yesterday. Photo magic will do a lot more work, including detecting the faces of the people in the picture.

According to The Verge, after launching the updated Facebook Messenger app, it will ask for access to view the pictures taken on the camera of your smartphone. If you give permission, the app will detect the appearance of your Facebook friends in the photos on the mobile. After that, if you want, you can send the pictures through messages to the friends present in those pictures through messenger. However, for now, if you want to see the pictures, the recipients have to have the Facebook Moments app installed on their mobile. Later, maybe the whole ‘Photo Magic’ feature can be used only through Facebook Messenger without Moments.

Of course, you can also turn off Photo Magic if you want. In that case it has to be given without permission / access. You can also turn off facial recognition from your Facebook settings page.

At the moment Photo Magic is only available to users of Facebook Messenger’s Android app in Australia. The feature will be rolled out to iOS devices and other countries in the next few months.

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