App that threatens Android users

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Pradeo, a French-based think tank, has issued a warning to Android users. The security research institute has issued this warning with the app called 2-FA Authenticator. Pradeo says the Two-FA Authenticator app is primarily involved in hacking. According to a report in India’s technology news outlet Gazette Now, the Google Play Store had a 2-FA authentication app. It is installed more than 10 thousand times. Hackers steal users’ information through this app. The Two-FA Authenticator app spreads malware called ‘Vulture’ that helps users steal data from the device. The main goal of hackers is to steal financial information through the app. This is stated in the research report of Pradeo. Pradeo has already informed Google about this. The app has since been removed from the Google Play Store. As a result, there is no chance for anyone new to fall into the trap of this app. However, if it is already installed on someone’s device, it needs to be deleted quickly.

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