Google’s advertising business boosted by epidemic

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Google’s advertising online business is also in full swing. In the Plug Kavid-19 epidemic, the company’s shareholder jumped eight percent. Which is more than the survey given by Wall Street. News CNN. On the outgoing front, Google’s offer increased 33 percent. The total majority in the model party is 120 crore crores. Which is known to be much more. Local Time March released the company’s quarterly profit report for the past year. According to the report, Sekke Farna Farnafar stood at about 31 shares per share in exchange for their 2,000 shares. Which is far more than Wall Street analysts had predicted. After that the share price of the same company was fixed at 6 percent. According to the data, the growth of the last indicator Google is accelerating. Running locks due to the epidemic have put people down a lot longer online. Advertisements of other parties can be published. The reason for the increase in online centralized business promotion activities. Johnson, Global Chief Digitshare team at UD Edge Mylodwide, said it has changed the way many advertisers invest in displaying and displaying ads online. It is also not a short-sighted trend, it is a new reality, he said.

Google’s advertising business boosted by epidemic

Google’s ad sales rose 33 percent to 6.5 billion in the fourth quarter of last year. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The company’s quarterly profit stands at 2.6 billion, or abou 31$ per share. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. Shares of the company rose sharply after the announcement.

Google’s growth has accelerated in the last quarter. Because of the ongoing lockdown due to the epidemic, people have spent more time online. And that increased the company’s advertising sales. On the other hand, as online-centric business grows, so does advertising activity.

Tom Johnson, global chief digital officer at media agency Mindshare Worldwide, said it was clear that many advertisers had changed their investments to search and display ads online. “It’s not a short-term trend, but a new reality,” he said.

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