If you want to get more likes on Instagram, you have to follow this new rule

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get more likes on instagram

get more likes on instagram

The algorithm of the popular social media platform, Instagram, is about to undergo a huge change. From now on, its algorithm will give more importance to the original content on Instagram, which means more richness and engagement will come in the original content. If you want to get more engagement or likes / comments / shares on Instagram, you have to follow the rules of the new algorithm.

Instagram’s chief, Adam Museri, recently announced this new update to Instagram. According to Museri, “If you create content from scratch, you get more credit than resharing something. We will try to give more importance to the original content than the reposted content from now on. ”

What does this mean for Museri? Does this mean that Instagram cannot post content from other platforms? Again, if a profile bigger than you reposts your content, will your profile be damaged? In fact, the matter is very complicated. Even the head of Instagram himself is not confident that this change will work properly.

Museri answered various questions on Twitter, in the light of those answers, let’s try to understand better about this new change on Instagram.

Museri said there is no problem with posting content from any other platform to Instagram. If you post any of your original content on Instagram, there is no problem, Museri said. Last year, a feature to downgrade watermarked content was added to Instagram. The same rule will still be followed.

Posting a trending meme on Instagram was one of the hacks to increase reach and likes. Being rich means showing your posts in front of more people. And the more people see your post, the more likes and engagements (shares, comments, etc.) will be likely. However, changes are going to come in this rule as well.

From now on, Instagram will consider users’ posting history, which will reduce the reach and engagement at a significant rate if the same content is posted more than once. The bottom line is that you have to post new content. If you post content that has been posted before, you will get less rich.

So if you are an Instagram influencer then the number of likes on your post is a huge resource for you. Seeing this number and number of followers, different brands will collaborate with you. So it is very important for you.

Work is still being done on Instagram’s original content ranking feature. Museri acknowledges that Instagram does not yet have the ability to determine if any content is original. However, Instagram will be able to verify who is in the video and whether the content of the video has been uploaded to Instagram before.

Instagram will basically look for duplicate posts. But the question is how will Instagram know who is the original creator of a post? It is expected that this issue will be fixed at the time of posting.

The main purpose of this change in Instagram is to give credit to the original creators. These days many accounts are taking place in the new feed through post repost and the original creator is not getting enough recognition. Instagram wants to change this.

However, work is still going on with this algorithm. This means that the system is not yet perfect. Forgetting the original content creator can get you a penalty for this system. But the fact that this is a permanent addition to Instagram is pretty much certain. In the coming days, Instagram will give more importance to the original content.

So posting original content on Instagram will increase the richness and engagement of the post. If the richness of the post increases, the likes of the post will also increase. In other words, if you want to get more likes on Instagram, you have to post the original content.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of original content, the product tag and enhanced tag features have also been added to this Instagram update. These features were announced by the head of Instagram, Adam Museri on his Twitter account.

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