Learn some misconceptions about e-SIM and their correct information

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e-SIM: With the advancement of technology, their use is becoming easier day by day. When the use of mobile phones started in our country, the size of a SIM card was almost equal to the size of a credit card or ATM card. Then came the conventional size small SIMs that are commonly used in feature phones. After the SIM card became smaller, micro SIM came.


Then the SIMs became smaller and Nano SIM came in the market, which is being used in smartphones nowadays. E-SIM is trending recently. These are virtual SIMs. If you use e-SIM technology, you will not need to use any plastic SIM. The SIM will be installed virtually on the built-in chip in the phone.

By scanning a QR code with the phone’s camera, you can install a fully functional SIM on the phone, i.e. mobile connection! After installing the e-SIM on the phone, you will be able to enjoy calls, messages or data services using the network in general. This will give you the benefits of conventional SIM as well.

It allows users to access voice calls, messages, cellular data and wireless internet on a variety of smart devices. Since the iPhone 10S and iPhone 10R, all iPhones have e-SIM support, which has promoted this new technology quite well. In addition, many other brands of phones have support for this feature.


Although there are many benefits to using e-SIM instead of ordinary SIM, not all users have yet embraced the ISIM technology. Many people have misconceptions about this technology. In this post you will learn about some misconceptions about e-SIM and their correct information.

E-SIM security
Since e-SIM uses digital authentication, many feel that e-SIM is not as secure as ordinary SIM. However, this idea is not correct. E-SIM is stored using eUICC, which separates the e-SIM from the physical SIM card.

eUICC is a dedicated chip in the device that provides the same security to an e-SIM as a normal SIM card. This means that even if you use the same algorithm as a normal SIM, the e-SIM works the same way without any additional hardware.

In addition, the e-SIM generation process is highly protected by GSMA, which provides security from cyber threats. Another factor that confirms the security of e-SIM is the QR code that can only be used on one device. This code cannot be swiped or cloned like a physical card.

E-SIM privacy
Some people see digital and wireless services as lacking in security. However, this is not true in the case of e-SIM. The data transmitted through the e-SIM is encrypted and it uses the same 4G, LTE and 5G network as a normal SIM card.

E-SIM carriers, such as physical SIM card service providers, are restricted by local privacy laws. This means that this digital-only mobile service can be used without any additional worries about digital privacy.

Price of e-SIM
Almost everyone already knows about the benefits of e-SIM. However, there is a common misconception about e-SIM, which is that e-SIM is more expensive than ordinary SIM. In fact, e-SIM is available at a very affordable price and its use is much more convenient than a physical SIM card.

E-SIM offers many benefits that can never be found in a physical SIM card. Again, to activate e-SIM, you don’t have to go to the store and buy like ordinary SIM. You can sign in to the online e-SIM operator using internet from home.

However, the price of e-SIM is not ahamari, but the e-SIM supported devices that are currently available, the price is much higher. You will now see e-SIM support on top-tier devices from Google, Apple, Samsung and Huawei. And if you can use these sets at such a high price, then the price of Isim will not seem so high to you!

Number of plans available for e-SIM
One of the most common complaints about traditional SIM systems is that only one operator can be used with one SIM card. In other words, if you want to use more than one SIM, you may need a dual SIM feature phone or you may have to buy a new phone. Many people think that this problem of ordinary SIM is also in the case of e-SIM.

Interestingly, using e-SIM, a customer can install multiple cellular plans of his choice. It is also possible to use multiple networks through the same chip slot via e-SIM. In other words, using only one smartphone, different cellular plans of multiple operators can be used for the benefit of e-SIM.

Multiple operators can be accessed via e-SIM with the same slot. For this you do not have to open the SIM tray and pierce it with pins. Anyone can use multiple operators on the same e-SIM for business and personal use. Multiple e-SIM networks can also be used to transfer data and text to one operator.

E-SIM has opened the door to many new benefits and possibilities. This new SIM technology is going to solve all the problems of ordinary SIM card. Since all your misconceptions about e-SIM have already been shattered, you can definitely use e-SIM this time if you want. More

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