YouTuber Things to do to be successful on YouTube

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YouTube has become one of the world’s top video streaming platforms and the second largest search engine, despite the trend of uploading videos on YouTube several years ago. With the rise of viewers and advertisers, YouTube has become a one-stop entertainment platform. Due to its popularity, there is a lot of competition on the YouTube platform. It is not possible to achieve success just by uploading videos on YouTube. In this post you will learn more about how to achieve success on YouTube.

Set the purpose
First of all, you need to know what success on YouTube means. First of all, make sure that you make a video and post it on YouTube.

Do you want more people to watch your video? Then video view is your main goal. Again, your goal may be to inform your viewers about other websites and to take action from there. YouTube can also be used to inform potential customers about your band. So first you set the goal and then plan the YouTube content accordingly.

Keyword research
Keyword research is just as important as creating great content on YouTube. Even if you make a good video without keyword research, it will not reach the right audience. So first you need to know what kind of video people are watching, what they are searching for. Of course, you can make videos on unique topics if you want, but when you first start your journey on YouTube, it is better not to make videos on any new topic.

Once the channel starts to grow, then you can bring videos of your unique topic in front of the viewers. However, this matter depends entirely on your own decision. However, at the beginning of the journey on YouTube, it is possible to get a large audience organically through keyword research.

Verify the competition
Search the keywords you find and analyze what kind of videos people are watching and ranking. Check out the content of the best videos and learn from them and try to create better content. You can make your content more awesome by using other people’s content information. However, if you copy and paste, you will have problems. I have already informed that!
Create awesome content
It is not possible to create viral content if you want. But you can do your best to create great content. Create videos that your audience will enjoy and that will capture their attention. It is not enough for you to feel good when making a video You need to verify your videos from a viewer’s point of view. If possible, verify the quality of the video with friends and family.


Properly do video SEO
It is foolish to think that if you make a good video and post it on YouTube, you will get automatic views. YouTube, however, is not manually controlled by humans, but follows an automatic machine-controlled algorithm. And what is in your video, this machine or algorithm will know the meta tags of your video, i.e. title, description, thumbnail, category, tag, etc. So properly optimizing or SEOing videos from YouTube search engine is an important part of achieving success on YouTube.

Channel sorted
YouTube channels are sorted but a unique part of the success of YouTube. While providing the necessary links below the video, informing about the source, asking to subscribe, etc. may seem like a very common thing, but in fact these things play an important role in achieving success on YouTube. In each video, let the viewer know about your other videos, in which case the viewer will check your other videos when they see your channel for the first time.

If you like a video, someone will subscribe to your channel, then of course they will come back to your channel. After that, if you arrange the content of that viewer nicely on the channel, then the viewer will keep watching your video. In other words, it is entirely your responsibility to motivate a subscriber to view the following content.


The comment section of YouTube is an important topic. Be sure to reply to valuable comments on your video. Your comment will prove that you have the predominance of the viewer’s opinion. Also, if you have a good relationship with your subscribers, they may ask others to watch your video. It is quite easy to expand the channel by establishing good relations.

What you need to do to be successful on YouTube
Use of social media

If you are trying to be successful on YouTube, you must ensure maximum use of social media. You can promote your video on your profile or page on social media. Also, if your friends or family members share the video on their social media, it is possible to reach many people quite easily in a short time.

You can learn from all the decisions made earlier. Consider why one of your videos performed well and another did not. A successful YouTuber learns from his mistakes and uses the right steps better. So of course if you want to be successful on YouTube

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