9 things to know before buying a smart TV

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smart TV

We are living in an unimaginable time of technological advancement. All the smart gadgets have made our life easier and made the experience of survival enjoyable. Smart TV is also a smart gadget that is not even present at home.

Currently, there are smart TVs of almost every brand in the market, from Samsung to the domestic company Walton. With so many smart TVs, it’s not uncommon to be confused about which smart TV to buy.

Here are 9 things to keep in mind when buying a smart TV or smart LED TV. By reading this post, you will know about 9 things that you should keep in mind before buying a smart TV.

smart TV

The price of smart TV
One of the most important thing when buying any product is the value of the product you want to buy. The price of TV is coming down day by day. The more you spend, the better quality TVs are on the market.

If you can make a good investment for a smart TV, you will get Deeper Black, Better Contrast, Advanced Color Spectrum, etc. In addition to these, you will get a bigger screen on a more expensive TV. In other words, in case of buying a smart TV, you will get better features for a higher budget.

People who like small TVs when buying TVs may not be found. As a viewer, everyone likes big TV. If your TV is big, then it will be possible to enjoy everything you see

The difference in the standard size of the TV according to the room
However, buying a large size TV will not be the right thing for you. If you have a smart TV in your room or room, it will be difficult to watch TV if it is narrow. So choose the size of your TV based on your room size.

LED or OLED – both technologies are great. But one of the best. Before we know which is the best, let’s get a brief history of TV.

Plasma TV, which is not available now, comes first in this genre. Then came the LCD which caused some problems but was quite good. LED TVs are the product of the development of LCD technology. LED is followed by OLED TV. At the end of it all is the Culed, which is just the name of Samsung’s expensive LED TVs.

The bottom line is that no matter which TV you choose, take the LED or OLED panel technology around. However, LEDs are much cheaper than OLED. LED TVs basically use backlit technology which uses all the crystals as a panel in creating images. OLED on the other hand but not the backlit. OLED TV lights up each pixel differently and creates images together.

smart TV

However, it is difficult to understand the difference without having an LED and an OLED panel face to face.

In the last few years, screen resolution technology has come a long way. When the 4K Ultra HD TV comes on the market, it has better transparent color quality than ever before. Now it’s time for 8K Ultra HD. 4K and 8K – both but ultra high definition. But there are significant differences between them.

Smart TV resolution
Looking at the chart below, you can easily get an idea of ​​the differences that exist between different resolutions. Differences between HD, Full HD, 4K UHD and 6K UHD:

Smart TV resolution
Comparison of screen resolution
Comparison of screen resolution
High dynamic range also means that HDR support plays an important role in the picture quality of the TV.

Smart TV
It is very important to check whether your smart TV is really smart before buying it. Thanks to the growing popularity of the steaming platform and the huge content library, all the entertainment in the state is on your TV. The advantage of smart TV is that it runs the internet along with the common dish line and can install various apps. You can watch YouTube, Netflix etc. on smart TV. It even runs Facebook!

Many people nowadays use DTH or Direct to Home technology dish line on smart TV. It does not need to bring cable connection from outside. For example, Akash can think of DTH. It looks much better than ordinary dishes.

Of course, streaming platforms don’t just support your TV. You will need internet speed according to the size and resolution of your TV. So before buying a subscription of streaming service for smart TV, make sure that your internet speed is sufficient.

Even if you don’t have smart feature in your TV, you can convert TV to smart TV using gadgets like Roku, Tizen, Me TV Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, etc. Talk to your TV seller before you buy.

Strange as it may sound, you need to keep a record of the functionality of the TV as well as its cable and other connected equipment. Only good cable can ensure great speed and good bandwidth.

There is a saying, “Sound is Half the Experience”, meaning that half of any experience depends on the sound. So just buying an expensive smart TV is not enough. You will need great video quality as well as great audio setup. So before buying a smart TV, give enough importance to the audio setup.

Remote control
Don’t fall in love with a nice looking remote control and buy a TV. This remote can be changed at any time. Also some third party remote controls are really awesome. Then check if the remote controller is OK.

Buy a TV at this price, and you will not get a warranty with it – isn’t that inappropriate? Whenever you buy a new TV from an authorized dealer, in most cases the warranty is given by the TV manufacturer. So be sure to get an official warranty as a smart user with your new smart TV.

There are many sellers who offer only service warranty. In other words, if any parts or parts are damaged, you have to pay the price. But they also pay for the parts in the warranty that is given by the TV manufacturing company. So be sure about these things.

smart TV

Even if you don’t think about it
When it comes to buying a TV, there are some things you can’t think about right now. Such as: refresh rate, contrast ratio, etc. If you buy a good and quality TV, then the TV manufacturing brand has already added the best for you to their TV.


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